Khamis, 27 Oktober 2011

what's your number??

what's your number??? me i think 0!!! what??? none??? yup... none... well, i'm proud of it... hahhahaaha... it not pathetic ok... its not like 'that average women would fall for a guy before they meet the right person is 10.5?? what??!! its too low!!!' (anna faris said)... hahahaha

yesterday i supposed having outing photography with my classmate, but since i don't know the place and i don't have their number (brilliant is it?) so i make my own pit stop at alamanda watching movie.. alone!! so sad... well it is not like i don't have any friends... i called them but since they all busy with their things so i decided watching movies alone since my number is 0 right?? hahahaha...

it feels good what watching alone with love story movies and i seat between couple people beside me... such brilliant!!! well WHO CARE right!!! as long as i can watch it...

what's your number... hrmmm... from what i can tell is yup... it is strictly for adult only... hahahaha... i don't know with guys beside me.. what they fell when the horny part appeared with his girlfriend... hahahaha.... this is the craziest thing i ever done!! but i think i'm gonna do it again... and nothing to waste since i'm only buy mineral water... wow!!!

so hot!!

yes... i admit chris evans is so damn HOT!!! in this movie... i could not take my eye over him!!! well i'm just his ordinary fans nothing can be proud unless he want to date with me!!! (dreaming!!!) hahahaahaha....

but seriesly he is HOT!!! is there any guy like him??? i'll definitely marry him!!! hahahaha... his acting like so real and all i can say is he is so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

okay enough of it.

she's like britney in this picture

anna faris... what can i say is when she acting, she just like cutey and what so ever... but overall her acting is good... she's definitely like this kind of character you know... like a little stupid yet cute and sexy in her own way also her eyes are round. hahahaha

well i give this movie 4.5 star... not bad actually.... and you guys should watch it.

p/s: i think i'm gonna watch real steel alone!! hahahaaha

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