Jumaat, 20 Ogos 2010

Tabahkan hati... wahai sahabat..

pagi tadi mase nk bangun sahur ak dpt mesej kt hp. from my close friend.... mesej nye ringkas je tp menusuk...

'my dad just pass away 8.45 pm today'

2 je yg dia bgtau... those words... i don't know whether she's playing fool o what... but i thing 4 sure that her dad is sick already... and i just her message

'babe b strong k'

her mom already gone when she's 18th i guess, now she's has nobody xcept her little brothers n little sisters. n she's the eldest... alot of responsibilities that she has 2 go along with. i hope she's strong to face it. i can giv her help if she want it.

with her father's gone, i think it will bring big impact to her n her family, they hav no one to rely on. when i tell it about her father to my mom n dad.. seems like they remember her, my mom xpecially feel sad for her.

i hope she's strong face it...

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